Nagios Monitoring and Automation

  • Without good monitoring, your IT staff is left “blind” to important events.
  • Anticipate, predict problems and address them before they become problems.
  • Most standard services can be monitored “out of the box”. We also can build
    customized service checks.
  • Alerts of important events to your staff and ours by email and SMS.
  • Self-healing automation.

Identity Management and LDAP

  • Data protection plans (backup and disaster recovery).
  • Replication topology design and implementation.
  • Net::LDAP perl and Python LDAP programming.
  • LDAP migrations.
  • PAM/LDAP/Active Directory authentication in UNIX.

Email Security (SMTP) SAAS

  • ProofPoint Email Security service blocks billions of spam, viruses, worms, and phishing threats outside the network every month.
  • Zimbra mailbox hosting: secure IMAP, calendaring, notes, and tasks. A secure replacement for iCloud.
  • Integrating these SaaS solutions eliminates the need to hire additional IT staff.
  • Rex Consulting includes 24/7 priority support.