Rex Consulting (formerly dba Sentinare) carrying on a tradition of great service.


Chris was in charge of designing and developing an LDAP solution for an Identity Management project. He did an excellent job of coming in and analyzing the situation and developing the correct solution. He designed and implemented the LDAP solution including interfaces with existing applications. He was focused, detailed oriented and committed to ensure that the job was done.

– Bobby Badugu – CPSG

I have worked with Chris on two projects. He’s always the first person I would call when LDAP challenges arise. Chris is self-directed, and highly-motivated. He’s the type of consultant that you can give a task, and expect quick, quality results. He’s become somewhat of a trusted advisor to top-management at my current client, and he only worked with us for a few short weeks.

– Matt Walters – CPSG

Chris is an excellent resource. Chris has a strong background in; Perl, Unix/Linux, ldap, Microsoft OSs, Active Directory, and Exchange. Chris is extremely resourceful and innovative with his unique and wide skillset.

– Mark Allbritten – Ericsson

Chris joined our team as a consultant in identity and access management area, in creating a comprehensive application and system monitoring implementations. In a quick span of time, he was able to deliver the monitoring implementations. On top of that, he was able to excel in various other technical activities.

– Rajesh Bhabu – Kaiser-Permanente

In August 2016, Chris did a LDAP upgrade/migration for us. I highly recommend his work. He decreased survey costs by allowing me to itemize the LDAP clients, was willing to work with a newer linux operating system (CentOS 7), and integrated our old schema into one that is more current. We appreciate his expertise and experience, but his communication skills and willingness to keep the costs low give me confidence that I would enjoy working with him again. It is now 2018. In two to three years, we will likely hire him again to migrate/upgrade our system onto newer hardware. [Thank you Chris!]

– Tobin Lee, Campus Systems Administrator – Mills College

“Spam and junk is now at a absolute minimum. We have friends that use Yahoo.com so we could not block out the whole domain. Things are Much Much Better Now plus I feel that the company (and our home computer) are a lot safer.”

– John Whiticar, Whiticar Marine Group http://www.whiticar.com

“Before switching to Sentinare two years ago, the Wayne Farms email servers received over 10,000 spam email messages per day. We had in house spam filtering software that only caught about 90% of incoming SPAM after it already arrived consuming a good percentage our internet bandwidth. We even fell victim to directory harvesting and denial of service attacks on a few occasions. For the past two years Sentinare has provided near 100% spam free email delivery to our company and our users have become accustomed to spam free messaging. We no longer worry about internet bandwidth being consumed by unwanted email. Sentinare email filtering has been one of the best investments we have made.”

Barry Strittmatter – IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager -Wayne Farms LLC http://www.waynefarms.com/


“After a full year-and-a-half of Sentinare filtering our email I can truly say it has been one of the best investments I have made in our day to day operations. I can’t begin to calculate how many man-hours have been saved by 20 some accounts not having to read and delete the unbelievable amount of spam sent our way. I hate to think of how many hours I would have lost (as sysadmin) repairing machines if any of the thousands of viruses that have been stopped had become active on our LAN. Sentinare has performed flawlessly!”

– Rick Cordary, Edco Awards and Specialties http://www.edco.com


“Sentinare is the reason that email is still a useful business tool for Accel Plastics. Simply having an email address is enough to get flooded with spam. The service is transparent, it’s always there, and it’s always effective.
It’s the simple truth. Thanks again and keep up the good work!”

– John Crawford, Accel Plastics http://www.accelplastics.com


“I have to tell you that I’m always impressed that I get a live person (and not a recording) on the line when I call with problems, and that you’re always ready to investigate. That level of customer service is a rare thing these days. We really think a lot of Sentinare and the service you provide, and I appreciate your taking care of us.”

– Carrie Caffrey, Danielson Harrigan Leyh & Tollefson, LLP http://www.dhlt.com


“You Guy’s are great! My office has an email server with Blackberry server software that I use for wireless email. The other day I checked and I had 2 good emails sent to my server and over 38 spam emails blocked by your service in about an 8-hour period. That was 38 useless emails that didn’t get to my Blackberry and demand my attention. You can imagine how annoying these spam emails were before using your service.”

– Charles Ellis, Ellis Engineering http://www.ellisengineering.com


“Among the HCJB World Radio IT staff, we’ve commented on how happy we are with Sentinare’s services. My boss (VP of Support Ministries) has been telling me how very pleased he is to not get spam. The outbreak of the sober.worm virus didn’t even touch us because of your good work. Your stopping spam and viruses from even reaching our email servers is a happy relief for me and our network admins. Thank you for working with us on auto updating from our LDAPs. Thank you for working with Gerry Barksdale and Chris Nelson on alias support. Great work!”

– Marian Douce, HCJB World Radio http://www.hcjb.org


“You guys are great, it is nice not to have to worry about spam and viruses as much as before.”

– Chris Swadener, Northstar http://www.northstar.com>


“We’ve examined many spam control options for both clients and for our own use. When we tried Sentinare we were struck by both the ease of implementation and by the flexibility it provided us in tailoring the service to our specific requirements. We route several domains’ email through the Sentinare service — some of which are heavy spam receivers — and have been able to tune the service to exactly the level of filtering we needed. We’ve tried the “big guys”, but Sentinare was the service that delivered on the promise.”

– Harry J. Regan, CISSP, PSP – Managing Partner, SunStorm Security Group http://sunstorm.us/


“I just signed up and I have had no SPAM in my inbox for several days. I have not had that experience in years. I am not exaggerating. That is the literal truth. Furthermore, my partner thinks I was a genius to find you guys. He loves having NO SPAM. I can’t believe we put up with it for so long. Thanks!”

– Emilienne Ireland – President, Campaign Advantage http://www.campaignadvantage.com/


So far the managed service is awesome. Easy to deploy and easy user interface. So far our 65 users have had zero spam and zero viruses come through via Sentinare. Nice!

– Andy Burge – IT, Wythewill Distribution http://www.wythewill.com/


I have to meet the stringent requirements of the NASD (FINRA) in regards to email retention and I was lucky enough to find Sentinare to solve this problem. They create and send me a backup CD-ROM each month which we store off-site and also their system keeps all these historical emails online as well for recovery. Having the email scanned for virus issues before even reaching my network is also fantastic and has kept my employees from opening virus carrying emails. I also like that using an email system that keeps all my email on his system says that I can access all my emails new and historical from any physical location of computer which isn’t true for Yahoo or hot mail or other email systems that download the email when you first look at the mail to a specific email client and thereby making it unavailable to a laptop say when your traveling. This is the difference between POP mail systems and IMAP. For business applications IMAP is definitely the right solution. Also the technical support is critical as emails can sometimes be very important and having emails that get lost or not been sent or delivered can cause cost lots of money– and I can almost always get technical support with one phone call and the problems are always handled immediately and patiently as I’m a stockbroker not a computer wiz! Also up time is critical and this email system has an incredible up-time– I can’t remember the last time we had an email outage– maybe three years ago. If your emails are important to the operation of your business using Sentinare gives us the solution that doesn’t cause problems, is reliable and is always available and responsive and the costs are such that any business that needs their email to work would make the right decision to subscribe to Sentinare.

– Jeff Kilpatrick – President, Newport Securities Corporation http://www.newportsecurities.com/