Rex to Offer Basic Linux Training Classes Soon

Rex Consulting

Rex Consulting is working on a curriculum for some technical training classes. We’re starting with Basic Linux Training. My main motivation here is that I want to teach some skills that, in the 21st century, should be taught in the 3rd grade. The main reward I plan on obtaining from this is a few hundred or thousand “Thank you for starting my career”s. The classes will start out in person, not on-line, in our local area. We’re going to offer our first one on a trial basis, for free. Classes will be interactive, hands-on, and be about 10 hours on a Saturday and Sunday in the next few weeks. Something like 6 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday. But we will stay late to help the very interested students with lab work/exercises. So whoever’s in the Bay Area, let me know if you or someone you know is interested in attending. It looks like the 1st class will be held in Berkeley.

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