Automating Firewall Block Rules for Malicious Attackers with Nagios Logserver and OpenBSD

While Nagios Logserver is a useful tool for system analysis and central log management, it is also a great tool to analyze network security. One can actually make use logserver to improve security by using it to dynamically block IP’s from malicious attackers. Assuming you are using OpenBSD as a gateway for incoming traffic which […]

Merging Multiple Nagios Check Outputs Using Macros

Macros in Nagios are a powerful tool. There are countless (see link) macros in existence that allow users to obtain Nagios check data easily. Among such macros, there exists $SERVICEOUTPUT$ that replaces itself with a string of the output of a chosen service. To specify such a service you can use the following syntax: $SERVICEMACRONAME:host_name:service_description$ […]

The WMI Plus File Checks

The WMI Plus nagios plugin (found at is an agentless ‘agent’ that comes with several different built in checks. One particularly useful WMI Plus check is the checkfiles collection of checks which consist of checkfileage and checkfilesize. Note that you will need to either feed your username and password into the command or make […]