About Rex Consulting

Rex Consulting is a Managed Information Technology Services Provider and Consulting Firm, offering all-encompassing IT management solutions. What makes us unique:

  • A focus on security and messaging integration. By concentrating efforts on what we’re good at, we’ve become the experts in what we do.
  • Advanced capabilities with the SMTP and LDAP protocols. There’s plenty of pretenders out there. We’re not one of them. LDAP and SMTP architectural design and operational management consulting is at the heart of what we do.
  • Broad capabilities. Our engineers are equally skilled in UNIX and Windows server platforms. We have a proven record integrating heterogenous systems.
  • A proven track-record in the business. Having provided consulting services to all types of industries of many different industries, consultants at Rex Consulting are adaptable and quickly become productive in new environments.
  • Platform-agnostic. A successful design focuses usability and functionality first and should not depend on the implementor’s preference or business relationships.
  • Intelligent solutions. We increase your ROI by building intelligent solutions: monitoring, instrumentation, visual traffic and log analytics, backup and disaster recovery are built into all of our designs. We can retrofit existing “blind” infrastructures with advanced monitoring, instrumentation, and analytics.
  • Superior Support services. 24/7 support included free with our SaaS offerings. We close the gap on the issue and clearly communicate what is needed to resolve the issue, driving and ensuring its completion.
  • 30-day Free Trial of all SaaS solutions. All of our SaaS solutions include a 30-day free trial.