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Rex Consulting has experience with directories as large as 500,000,000 entries, with complex replication among many datacenters, serving data to hundreds of applications.

System Architecture

  • Requirement Analysis. The best plans begin with good requirement definitions. We’ll help make sure we get it right the first time.
  • Solution/vendor analysis. We help you develop criteria for selection based on requirements, and evaluating purchase decisions with maturity.
  • Hardware/capacity planning. Too often we’ve seen large-scale mission critical production environments where the ceiling of sustainable high traffic load is unknown. Good capacity planning can save a lot of money and/or pain from problem incidents/outages.
  • System Design, with a focus on robust, automated systems, and operational manageability.

Operational Architecture

  • With a proven track record in high availability, Rex Consulting is a team you can trust with the management of your IT services.
  • We can help simplify the management of your network with our management technique and experience.
  • It can’t always be simple. When the situation is necessarily complex, you need a professional team who can handle complex environments.
  • Monitoring / Alerting System Design & Implementation. Without a good monitoring system, you are blind to the health of your network.
  • Backup automation. There are some things that should always be automated, like backup creations. Save the humans for doing backup validation audits.
  • Application/client control/throttle. What do you do when your applications are a bit roguish? You’ll need some way to control or throttle it. We can help you design systems to do this.

System Hardening

  • Backup validation implementation & schedule.
  • Monitoring audit implementation & schedule.
  • Security audit implementation & schedule.
  • Patch review implementation & schedule.

Incident Resolution

  • Response time analysis.
  • Excellence in preventing emergency situations using monitoring and log analysis.
  • Excellence in handling problem incidents and emergency situations.
  • Proven track-record in outage management/resolution/root cause analysis.

Security considerations / Encryption

  • Access / Authentication design/analysis/audits.
  • TLS / SSL encryption design/analysis.
  • PAM/LDAP/ Active Directory authentication in UNIX.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

  • Having designed and provided operational support to many critical operations since our start in 1993 at Vandenberg AFB, we are experts in designing robust highly available systems.
  • LDAP/Identity Management Disaster Recovery Plans are important to customers who maintain LDAP directories and/or identity management databases. These systems quickly become mission-critical. Outages can be prevented with good planning.

Custom Programming

  • We are specialists in Net::LDAP and Net::SMTP perl programming.
  • Custom jobs for LDAP server management. Examples: migrate users, report on LDAP change, handle or create LDIFs, job automation, conversions.
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