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Welcome to Rex Consulting!

Rex Consulting, Inc. is an IT Consulting and Managed Services Provider specializing in Nagios Monitoring, LDAP, SMTP, Identity Management, and Automation.

For small and medium business, we provide email security, archiving and policy compliance consulting and Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. For large business, we provide email architecture and identity management services. Be sure and check out our SMB solutions and enterprise solutions pages.

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  • Nagios-logo
    Steps to build the latest Nagios NRPE agent and nagios-plugins package for MacOS with SSL support: Download openssl-0.9.8zh.tar.gz Unpack and compile openssl-0.9.8gz (but do not “make install”): tar xzf openssl-0.9.8zh.tar.gz… read more →
  • broken key
    Be sure to delete expired SSH and SSL keys that you no longer use. If someone is capturing your encrypted data and saving it somewhere, they would be able to… read more →
  • Priviledge Separation
    It is a Best Practice to run monitoring agents with privilege separation. This means that the user ID that you run the monitoring agent should be a different user ID… read more →
  • nottracking
    If you have a monitoring system, for maximum effectiveness, you need to be disciplined about handling alerts. “Handling alerts” means either A) fixing the problem that caused the alert in… read more →
  • defeat device
    Volkswagen installed their “defeat device” on 11 million vehicles sold in the U.S. Like other examples of bad management, this was caused by lack of discipline and control. In this… read more →
  • Disabled Alarm Contributed to Deepwater Horizon Disaster
    Disabled Alarm Contributed to Deepwater Horizon Disaster The Deepwater Horizon disaster was caused in part by a disabled alarm system. The alarm system was disabled for the wrong, yet all-too-common,… read more →
  • Jython
    Jython, an implementation of python which runs on java, is a great tool to use to access java applications thru JMX and directly calling java classes.  We wrote here earlier… read more →
  • nagios
    When constructing new checks for Nagios, sometimes it’s worthwhile to consider what we’ll call “check resolution”. What we mean by this term is how many distinct checks you wrap within… read more →
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