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Welcome to Rex Consulting!

Rex Consulting, Inc. is an IT Consulting and Managed Services Provider specializing in LDAP, SMTP, Identity Management, and Monitoring and Automation.

For small and medium business, we provide email security, archiving and policy compliance consulting and Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. For large business, we provide email architecture and identity management services. Be sure and check out our SMB solutions and enterprise solutions pages.

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  • nagios
    When constructing new checks for Nagios, sometimes it’s worthwhile to consider what we’ll call “check resolution”. What we mean by this term is how many distinct checks you wrap within… read more →
  • sony1-538x218
    Hackers don’t holiday. I know of a client, who, a couple years ago, was hacked right around the time that Santa was delivering gifts. Which, needless to say, was inconvenient.… read more →
  • Phish-538x218
    Since we’re nearing the end of the year, I thought it’d be a good idea to remind the world to change their passwords. Also I want to provide some tips… read more →
  • dumb guy
    According to Nicholas Carr in a recent WSJ essay, automation is making humans dumb. He’s got a point. As someone who’s worked for twenty years automating computer systems, I have… read more →
  • If you run Apache Cassandra, you can monitor it with the help of Nagios and JMX.
    If you run Apache Cassandra, you can monitor it with the help of Nagios and JMX. Apache Cassandra has come to “change the world”, I was told at the Cassandra… read more →
  • EMC-Isilon-Logo
    The EMC Isilon OneFS operating system has a version of the UNIX change mode (chmod) command which works for both UNIX and Windows style of permissions and can be used… read more →
  • heartbleed-bug-header
    The “HeartBleed” bug is a huge crisis for Internet Security and “The Internet of Things”. The past 15 years of progress in the computing and internet world have been interesting.… read more →
  • goofyclock
    Daylight savings time is probably to blame for a decent percentage of technology related problems, especially the first week of November and the second week of March. Studies report an… read more →
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